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ClockWatch Pro
Complete time synchronization for single users
Keep precise time on your computer's clock

Computer clocks are notoriously inaccurate, drifting from several seconds to several minutes each day due to deficiencies in original PC design. This could cause minor annoyances or major issues.

ClockWatch Pro keeps your computer's clock within +/- one second of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by regularly comparing it to the atomic clockthe world's most accurate clock—at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) via the Internet.

ClockWatch Pro maintains accurate time automatically—just set it once and ClockWatch does the rest.

 ClockWatch Pro Features

  • Choose from a powerful set of user-defined options to tailor ClockWatch, including automated or manual time setting
  • Graphic display and detailed logs of your clock's performance
  • Internet or direct modem dial-up connection to a wide variety of timeservers
  • Command options allow you to run ClockWatch as a regular Windows application, as a Windows background service, from a system tray, or from command lines
  • Use the onboard motherboard BIOS clock between time settings
  • Online documentation and access to our free customer support

Read more about the different ClockWatch editions and benefits, compare editions, or find out more about specific feature details.

Other ClockWatch Products

ClockWatch Sentry has all the time sync features of ClockWatch Pro plus it prevents the time or date from being changed by unauthorized users.

ClockWatch Client/Server synchronizes more than one computer.

ClockWatch Star Sync uses GPS satellites to deliver a reliable and secure time base.

ClockCard – a real time master clock on a PC Card provides stable, reliable time.

Now included with ClockWatch!
Broadband Monitor
Countdown Timer
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Main ClockWatch  Screen

ClockWatch Pro
for Windows

ClockWatch includes installation and technical support for 6 months!

CW95 $34.95
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How to Order

  • Download a free evaluation copy from our ClockWatch Download page
  • ClockWatch can be ordered through our online store
  • Call us at 1-612-370-1091 or 1-877-845-2549 (U.S. & Canada toll free)

System Requirements

For complete information see ClockWatch Specifications.

Minimum requirements:

  • Internet Connection
    • Compatible with all standard Internet Service Providers
    • A browser does not need to be active for ClockWatch to function
  • Network Connection
  • Date/Time Settings
    • Correct time zone must be set in the Windows Time/Date control panel

For more information

Free 30-day Trial

Product Information:

   Detailed Product Guide
   User Manual
   Frequently Asked Questions
   User and Editorial Comments

Clock and Timekeeping Information:
   More About Computer Clocks
   More About Time and Time Standards
   History of Timekeeping

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For more information on ClockWatch, please call us
toll-free at 1-877-845-2549.
Outside U.S., call 1-612-370-1091.

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