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ClockWatch User Tips

The following tips should make using ClockWatch even more productive.

Tip of the week:

  • BIOS Clock
    You can use your BIOS clock as an intermediate time source between settings. More...

Other Useful Tips:

  • The eBay Protocol
    The eBay time protocol, talks to eBay's time server. Since it uses the HTTP port (port 80) it allows you to communicate through most firewalls.  More..
  • The 'Smart' Clock Setting
    Setting the mode to Auto means that ClockWatch will update your clock automatically. In the Auto mode, ClockWatch learns how often it needs to check your clock to maintain the level of accuracy you specify
  • Countdown Timer
    Use it to tell you how much time remains...
  • Command Line
    ClockWatch can be run automatically at startup using the Batch Mode (Pro Version) from the command line.
  • Logging Time Settings
    You can view the time setting log for information about the last synchronization attempt.
  • Running ClockWatch Immediately
    Use the daily mode set at an early time to set the time each day as soon as ClockWatch is started. Upon starting, ClockWatch will attempt a setting immediately.
  • Just how bad is my clock?
    Run ClockWatch in the Periodic Mode for several days to gauge system accuracy.
  • That third window
    The NIST log window shows the actual string returned from the NIST.
  • Just how accurate is my network?
    Time Audit tells you if your network is in Sync.
  • Can I show all clock setting activity in one place?
    Yes, try the Action Log.
  • GMT
    The NIST keeps time in Universal Time, a descendant of Greenwich Mean Time.
  • Charts
    The charts show change in accuracy over time.
  • Did you know?
    A very busy system will often have an inaccurate clock.
  • Auto Mode
    The Auto Mode will determine the next time to make a setting based on past and desired system accuracy.
  • On-line Help
    The Help system features a User Guide and Technical Support section including Troubleshooting and FAQ.
  • Time Zones in Windows
    There are 51 possible time zone settings in the Windows Date/Time control panel. ClockWatch uses the time zone setting you set in Windows.
  • Clock Setting over a Network
    Windows has  a 'net time' command that lets you set your computer's clock to another on your network.
  • Finding Time Servers
    The "Find next available server" option will find an available NIST server if one is out of service.
  • Get the Latest Version
    Choose the "Update Software" from the Help menu to check for the latest ClockWatch software updates.
  • View System History
    The Previous Settings graph gives you a snapshot of your computer's accuracy over time.
  • Shows when Clock was Set
    The "Ignore Zero Values" option for the Previous Settings graph only shows settings when the clock was changed.
  • Rearranging Charts
    The Arrange button will rearrange the graphs on the main screen.
  • Changing Settings
    Clicking on the Display Window or Graphs will open up the Options screen.
  • Saving Task Bar Space
    ClockWatch Pro will rest in the System Tray when minimized.
  • Clock Face Colors
    The ClockWatch Pro icon in the system tray shows connection progress, and the next available setting by changing colors. Placing the cursor over the icon will give a short summary of ClockWatch status.
  • Quick Setting
    Double left clicking the ClockWatch system tray icon  (Pro version) will call up ClockWatch administration screen, double right clicking will set the clock.
  • Automatically Load ClockWatch at Start Up
    ClockWatch Pro can be installed to start automatically at boot up. Check the "Startup automatically" option under the Display Option tab.
  • Resource Use
    ClockWatch consumes minimal resources between settings.

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