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Using the BIOS Clock feature in ClockWatch
This feature is standard in all versions of ClockWatch
use the BIOS clock to keep better time
The BIOS clock is the native PC clock located on the computer’s motherboard that keeps time when the computer is off. Windows gets its time from the BIOS clock at boot time. While not  particularly accurate, it is generally more stable than the operating system clock.

 ClockWatch allows you synchronize the operating system clock with the BIOS clock.  Computers experiencing significant daily time loss will find this an easy way to stabilize their clocks between external time settings.

The BIOS clock provides an excellent secondary time source to use between external clock synchronizations.

there is direct access to the BIOS clock in ClockWatch
BIOS Clock Test Screen -Automatic BIOS Clock Syncing is also an option

When you enable BIOS Clock as time base ClockWatch uses the BIOS clock as a time source. This will cause ClockWatch to set the operating system time to the BIOS clock time at the interval specified. You can also specify how often you want ClockWatch to check the BIOS clock.

You can also log all the time settings that are made by ClockWatch.


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