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Running ClockWatch as a Service
A Service is a Windows-specific system function that runs in a special area under Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7/8 (Windows 95/98/Me do not support services).  ClockWatch contains an additional module, ClockWatch Service, which can be installed as a Service under Windows. This allows ClockWatch to run in the special service area of the Windows operating system.

ClockWatch Service performs its clock synchronization activities without direct user interaction. ClockWatch Service does this by receiving instructions from the administrator using the regular  ClockWatch application. ClockWatch maintain a copy of the run-time options for use by the service module. Upon exiting the application interface, the updated settings are sent to the ClockWatch Service module running in the System context.

There are three separate components in ClockWatch: the ClockWatch application, the ClockWatch service and the monitor applet.


A Windows service is a background process that runs whenever Windows is running. Since it runs in the background there is no user interface. The ClockWatch service contains all the run-time capabilities of ClockWatch. 


The application is a regular program you call from the start menu. Normally when the ClockWatch service is running you only run the ClockWatch application to change the options.


The monitor applet is a small program that shows the status of the ClockWatch service and lets you start the full application. The applet allows you monitor the service status from your system tray.
To enable the monitor:

        Select Auto Startup from ClockWatch (see above)

        Confirm that the ClockWatch service will be started automatically from the Services section in the Windows Control Panel.

        Then, when Windows restarts, the ClockWatch service will be started

        When you next log in to Windows the applet will start in the system tray which will monitor the service and show the setting status.


Installing ClockWatch as a service:

  • Install and configure ClockWatch on the system.  The service uses the ClockWatch parameters you specify in the regular ClockWatch interface.
  • Register the Service module by choosing Re-Register Service under the Options->Service menu.  This will register the service with the operating system.
  • Start and run the service by pressing the 'Start' button or start it like any other service by using the Windows Services administrative interface.
  • The control buttons in the standard Control Panel Services Applet include:

Start - Starts the ClockWatch service that is not running.

Stop - Stops a version of ClockWatch that is currently running.

Pause and Continue - Suspends and resumes the clock synchronization activity of the ClockWatch service.

Startup - Specifies the start-up characteristics of the ClockWatch service. You can specify if ClockWatch will startup automatically each time the system is rebooted and whether the ClockWatch service interface will be visible. To start the service automatically every time Windows starts, set the service startup type to 'Automatic'

Note: ClockWatch Service must be run in the System context.

See also: running a service with Microsoft Vista or Windows 7/8

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