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Using ClockWatch from the Command Line

ClockWatch can also be run from the command line allowing it to be called from another program.

If you launch ClockWatch from the command line (Windows 95 Run command or MS-DOS prompt) and want the program to run once and exit without user intervention, use the once command argument

ClockWatch Pro:

<program_path> ClockWatch.exe once

Runs ClockWatch in the unattended mode, where <program_path> is the path where the executable is located, ClockWatch.exe is the executable and once is the command line option. This is equivalent to starting the program in the Manual mode, pressing the “Set Time” button and exiting.

To start ClockWatch in the normal, attended mode, omit the once argument.

ClockWatch can be operated in an unattended mode from the Windows 95/NT or MS-DOS command line. This allows unattended or batch operations for:

  • Execution from other programs.
  • Starting from remote computers.
  • Starting from scheduling programs such as Windows 98 Task Scheduler or Microsoft Plus+.
  • Inclusion in batch files.

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