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Nine editions to meet your needs

Edition Summary
     Desktop (personal) Editions
     Client/Server Solution
     ClockWatch Enterprise
     ClockWatch Star Sync
      ClockWatch Radio Sync

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ClockWatch Feature Details
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ClockWatch Comparison Chart
ClockWatch FAQ
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ClockWatch offers a variety of options for updating your computer's clock and managing the information, ranging from a simple, hands-off approach to a closely- managed process.  In summary, these features include:

  • Makes your computer clock a precision time keeper
  • Keeps system clock accurate automatically
  • Ensures that your system clock doesn't drift over time, and provides graphic display of your clock's performance
  • Options to set your clock manually or automatically on a regular basis.
  • Connect using the Internet or direct modem dial-up, plus other options.
  • The program may be run as a regular Windows application, from a system tray, from a command line, or as a Windows NT service

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Nine editions to meet your specific needs

Nine versions of ClockWatch are offered - it's easy to find one tailored your needs:


 ClockWatch offers these features:
  • Six options for scheduling your clock setting
  • Graphical representation of clock performance and settings
  • Three ways of connecting to external timeservers
  • System tray or command line operation
  • BIOS clock synchronization option
  • Activity and Event logging
  • Locking clock from being changed by unauthorized users (Sentry, Server, Client)
  • Runs as a background process (a Windows Service)
  • World Time Clock Map showing sunrise and sunset on a world map.
  • Countdown Timer allowing you to set a desktop reminder and alarm for a future event.  This also works as a stopwatch.
  • Online documentation and full-service customer support from Beagle Software.

More on ClockWatch's features...

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Edition Summary

A summary description of each edition is described below.  You may also want to link to our comparison chart for more information.

Personal/Desktop Versions:  

Beagle Software offers two stand-alone single-user versions designed to communicate with timeserver over the Internet.   These editions are intended for non-networked environments. For Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista/Win7/8  More..


ClockWatch Pro

A stand-alone single-user desktop Windows application with a rich set of connection and display options. 

  • Talks with NIST, Daytime, NTP or Time timeservers.
  • Works behind proxy servers.
  • Can dial the NIST directly via modem.
  • Simple, powerful user interface.
  • Runs as a service under Windows

ClockWatch Sentry
All the time setting smarts of ClockWatch Pro with the special added security of Clock Locking.  


  • Clock locking  allows you to lock down the date and time on any Windows computer.
  • Whenever an unauthorized user tries to change the date or time, ClockWatch Sentry blocks the change and logs the attempt.
  • Runs hidden and has password protected administration
  • Works on all Windows (32bit) versions
  • Available in a Basic version with Clock Locking and a Pro version with Clock Locking and time sync capability.


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Client/Server Solution 

The client-server solution consists of a ClockWatch Server that maintains the correct time with an external timeserver. ClockWatch Clients talk to ClockWatch Server to maintain the correct time on the respective workstation.  These editions are ideal for networked environments. For Windows 9x/Me/NT/2k/XP/2003.   More..

ClockWatch Server  

Dual functioning application maintains time on server and also services client requests for time.  

  • All the features of ClockWatch Pro
  • Can also run as a background Service
  • Acts as a timeserver to ClockWatch clients.
  • ServerMP is designed to act as a timeserver in a multi-platform environment.


ClockWatch Client 

Talks via Intranet to ClockWatch Server or Daytime timeserver to set time.

  • Full featured time client for ClockWatch server
  • Identical interface to ClockWatch Pro.
  • Can  run as a Service under Windows
Enterprise Edition

ClockWatch Enterprise provides a central command and control console for keeping an entire enterprise in sync. With full control capabilities over remote client modules, ClockWatch enterprise has central control, monitoring and logging capabilities. Within the control console, you can monitor client status, as well check the time on any client, or update all or an individual client. For Windows 9x/Me/NT/2k/XP/2003.  More..

ClockWatch Enterprise 

Keeps all computers on a LAN synchronized.  Multiple manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic time setting options. 

  • Sets all clients within 250 milliseconds of timeserver.
  • Time check, time set and force time set options.
  • No user interaction by the client is necessary.
  • Options for daily, periodic, and weekly schedule time synchronization.
  • Remote on-off device control via Relay module.


Service Module

Client run-time module

  • Clients run ClockWatch service module as an application or as a Service.
  • Inexpensive run-time license
Star Sync Network Time Source

The ClockWatch Star Sync acquires precise time from GPS satellites. The ClockWatch Star Sync can synchronize client or host computers typically to +/- 0.1 second. By installing the ClockWatch Star Sync within your network firewall, you can ensure high reliability and security in delivering precise time. For Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/2008/Vista/Win7/8. More..


Start Sync - software only 
  • Certifiable time stamp with audit trail to NIST
  • Functions as an NTP Server
  • Multiple connection options:  GPS, Dial-up and/or Internet
  • Fully redundant and fall back modes
  • Stratum 1 network time server
  • GPS, NIST, NTP, Daytime, Time, or dial-up time references
  • Complete kit has Easy to install GPS indoor window antenna
  • Software Works with most GPS receivers with NMEA output 
Star Sync with GPS Receiver 
  • Same software features as Star Sync
  • Includes indoor GPS antenna, with 10' of  antenna cable and DB-9 serial connector.  Optional mounting accessories are available at extra cost.
Radio Sync Network Time Source

ClockWatch Radio Sync acquires precise time from WWVB broadcast.  ClockWatch Radio Sync can synchronize computers typically to within +/- 0.1 second. By installing the ClockWatch Radio Sync within your network firewall or remote location, you can ensure high reliability and security in delivering precise time. More..

Radio Sync with WWVB Receiver
  • Functions as an NTP timeserver or works by itself
  • Complete kit has easy to install WWVB indoor window antenna  
  • Includes indoor WWVB receiver/ antenna, with 6' of  connecting cable, power supply, and DB-9 serial connector.  
  • Multiple & redundant connection options:  WWVB, Dial-up and/or Internet
  • More information on the WWVB receivers.


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