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Clock Locking in ClockWatch
Prevents unauthorized users from changing date or time
  • Provides separate password level protection

  • Provides security for time critical applications

  • Blocks unauthorized time changes

Special versions of ClockWatch (including Sentry) contain a unique clock locking feature that allows you to lock down the date and time on the computer - effectively a password protected clock. Whenever a user tries to change either the date or time, ClockWatch blocks the change and logs the attempt. Someone trying to change the time from the control panel or another application won't be able to change either the date or the time of the computer.

Clock Locking :

Targeted Industries/Applications:

  • Time & Attendance Systems

  • Security or Access Applications

  • Securities, Legal and Government

  • Gaming Industry


Locking prevents the time or date from being changed from a Windows applications. The clock locking feature allows you to lock down the date and time from being changed on the computer.

After activating Clock Locking in ClockWatch, you will be asked for the administrative password. This password is used to unlock ClockWatch from the System Tray when it is running in the locked mode. ClockWatch must be restarted for the lock to be set.

In the locked mode the system tray icon is invisible – the regular clock face is replaced by a (gray) empty space in the system tray. Passing the mouse over the area will give an “OK”. Right clicking the mouse over the area will bring up the enter password screen, the gateway back into the ClockWatch application.


  • Even when a clock is locked ClockWatch will continue to set the correct time through external synchronization (not Sentry Basic).

  • Every time a date or time change is attempted the attempt is logged in the event log

  • Use the “Startup Automatically” option under the Display options to start ClockWatch with the lock in place whenever Windows starts.


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