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ClockWatch Sentry
Prevents unauthorized users from changing the system date or time

Stops time card fraud!

Whenever an unauthorized user tries to change the date or time, ClockWatch Sentry blocks the change and logs the attempt. Someone trying to change the time from the Control Panel or another application won't be able to change either the date or the time of the computer.

ClockWatch Sentry is ideal for averting potential fraud or tampering situations, such as electronic timecards, time and attendance systems or other computer time tracked events.

Sentry is available in two versions.
Sentry Basic is for those who only need the protection of Clock Locking while ClockWatch Sentry  Pro includes the ability to sync the computer with the Atomic Clock, making sure the computer's clock is correct.


 If you are looking for a time stamp with atomic clock accuracy consider our DocuClock.

ClockWatch Sentry sets time and keeps it set!
This unique clock locking feature  allows you to lock down the date and time on any Windows computer.   

Clock Locking (Sentry Basic and Sentry Pro) :

  • Provides separate password level protection

  • Provides security for time critical applications

  • Blocks unauthorized changes in time or date

  • Logs all attempts at changing of falsifying date or time

  • Works with all versions of Windows (95..Win7/8)

 Time Synchronization (Sentry Pro):

  • Makes your computer a precision time keeper by synchronizing its clock with the US Cesium Atomic Clock, the world's most accurate clock.

  • Ensures that your system clock doesn't drift over time.

  • Has options for manual or automated time setting.

  • Allows Internet or direct modem dial-up connection to a wide variety of timeservers. 

Targeted Industries/Applications:

  • Time & attendance systems

  • Time card, punch clock and time stamp applications

  • Security or access applications

  • Legal and government

  • Gaming industry

To synchronize and protect a network see ClockWatch Client/Server.

Sentry Basic Screen
ClockWatch Sentry Basic   $29.95
one computer license

ClockWatch Sentry has the special security of Clock Locking. If you would like to also Sync your computer with the Atomic Clock, use Sentry Pro.

System compatibility: 
Win 9x/2k/2008/XP/Vista/Win7/8
single computer

5 computer license

10 computer license



Sentry Pro Screen

ClockWatch Sentry Pro  $39.95
ClockWatch Sentry has all the time setting smarts of ClockWatch Pro with the special added security of Clock Locking.  Requires an Internet connection for clock syncing.

System compatibility: 
Win 9x/2k/2008/XP/Vista/Win7/8



Read more about ClockWatch Sentry features and benefits.

ClockWatch Sentry Pro Options

ClockWatch Sentry Pro Options

  • Settings to specify manual, automated, or periodic time syncing.

  • Display options for main screen.

  • Timeserver selection and connection options.

  • Logs to show time setting attempts.

  • Graph options for viewing time setting results

  • BIOS Clock updates Windows from motherboard clock.

  • Service lets you run Sentry as a background service.

     more on options...


Additional Sentry Pro options and accessories:  

Add a ClockCard a real time master clock on a PC card. Provides a stable, reliable time base.

  Add a GPS Receiver to get time from GPS satellites. Provides a reliable and  secure time base.

How to Order

  • Download a free evaluation copy from our ClockWatch Download page.
  • ClockWatch can be ordered through our online store Call us! 1-612-370-1091 or
    (US/Canada toll free) 

System Requirements

For complete information see ClockWatch Specifications.


For more information

Free 30-day Trial - Software Updates

Product Information:
   Installation - Operation   - Administration
   Sentry Quick Start Guide  -
to install and set clock locking
Sentry User's Guide
   Troubleshooting - Support
   Frequently Asked Questions about clock locking

   ClockWatch Product Guide
   ClockWatch Product Index


For more information on ClockWatch Sentry,
please call us toll-free at 1-877-845-2549.

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