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Frequently Asked Questions about Clock Locking


FAQ about Clock Locking and ClockWatch Sentry

  1. How does Sentry work?

ClockWatch Sentry monitors the time in two ways – by monitoring the Windows operating system and by checking for inconsistencies in the advancing clock. Windows will often send a special message when other applications change the time. This allows Sentry to immediately reset the clock to its correct time. Real-time clock monitoring checks that time sequences in its regular pattern. When Sentry finds an inconsistency it identifies it as an illicit time change and resets the clock.

  1. How often does Sentry check the clock?

Sentry checks the clock twice each second.

  1. What if I forget my password?

You should reinstall the Sentry software. Reinstalling the software resets all settings to their default values.

  1. Can I use Sentry on more than one computer?

Each computer must have a separate license. Contact the sales group at Beagle Software to obtain additional Sentry licenses.

  1. Does Sentry protect from date or time changes made from MS-DOS?

In Windows 95/98 or Me, MS-DOS runs in a context separate from the Windows operating system. This means that Sentry cannot monitor MS-DOS programs. If illicit time or date changes from MS-DOS are a concern, we suggest you disable the ‘date’ and ‘time’ commands in MS-DOS by creating ‘dummy’ batch tiles, date.bat and time.bat, in the Windows/command directory.

  1. Does Sentry protect from time changes when the computer is off?

As a software program, Sentry can only work when the computer is on. However, we recommend that you have ClockWatch check the time every time the program is started (enable “Check Time when Program Starts” option under Options->Settings). This will automatically correct any time changes that occurred since Sentry was last running.

  7. Can I Hide Sentry from Other Users?

When you install Sentry you get the option to exclude it from being added the Start Menu in Windows. Additionally, you can hide the Sentry program file from most users. To hide Sentry, find the main ClockWatch directory. Right click on the 'ClockWatch' directory and select 'Properties' and set the 'Hidden' attribute. (You can view hidden files by changing the file View option in Windows Explorer.)
A practical tip
: it is simpler to configure and test Sentry before hiding the files.



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