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WWVB Receiver
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WWVB Receiver

The WWVB receiver offered with Radio Sync provides accuracy and precision at an affordable price.  The receiver receives VLF (very low frequency) radio signals broadcast by WWVB operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  This accurate time and date information is referenced to the United States Atomic Clock Standard.

This receiver features:

  • WWVB reception
  • Microprocessor based control
  • Factory tuned internal ferrite loop stick antenna
  • Internal real-time-clock backup
  • Serial connection to computer via COM port
  • Seamless integration with optional Radio Sync software
Model RSBS2  

The Beagle Hardware WWVB receiver incorporates a high quality ferrite loop stick antenna, factory tuned for maximum sensitivity and selectivity. The receiver uses base band amplification with crystal band pass filtering. A demodulator provides a digital output corresponding to received signal data.

A microcomputer processes WWVB signals, maintains an accurate real time clock and hosts the serial communication interface. Received data is correlated over time to set an internal real-time clock (RTC). The RTC is driven by a precision quartz crystal for continuous accurate time reference. Power circuitry provides internal operating voltages and maintenance.

The receiver comes with a  6 foot connecting interface cable, and a power supply.

BS2 Receiver Features
o Automatic reception of long wave time signals worldwide
including WWVB
o Manual or automatic selection of radio control signals.
Automatic switch between dual band signals. Built in decoding
for different bands. Built-in multi-band ferrite core antenna
o Adjustable reception settings (including time and duration of
reception). Forced reception mode
o Real time clock (local time and UTC time), 24-hour system.
DST and time zone support
o Real-time signal quality value during reception
O Standard RS-232 Interface

Radio Sync Receiver BS2 Application Guide



SKU Price  
Radio Sync Software and  external receiver
Includes indoor WWVB receiver, with 6' connecting  cable and power supply. Radio Sync software.
RSBS2 $399.95
Radio Sync  receiver
Includes indoor WWVB receiver, with 6' connecting  cable and power supply. Full documentation.
RSR2 $219.95

All Radio Sync packages include installation
and technical support for 6 months!


Additional options and accessories:
       Add a USB adapter to connect your Radio Sync receiver to your computer's USB port. 232USB $14.95
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