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TrueTime TL-3 WWV Receiver


TrueTime TL-3 Receiver

TrueTime TL-3 is an full featured WWV receiver widely used for time synchronization. The TrueTime receives time signals from shortwave (5-15 MHz) broadcast. The TL-3 is fully supported in Radio Sync.  The computer running Radio Sync connects to the TL-3 receiver through the serial port and and communicates using the receiver's native Mode-C protocol.  The Radio Sync software can then get the time from the NIST with millisecond resolution.
Think of this as a uber version of the old GC-1000 WWV clock, updated by 30 years from an electronics perspective -- with three receivers instead of one, runs cool with an external power supply (no cooking the components), provides comprehensive time data (instead of just time of day display), doesn't lose time during a power failure... and can be accessed by a PC. It makes an inexpensive Stratum 1 time server. - CM, Rochester NY

Major Features of the TL-3

  • Time information includes Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second. Automatic Daylight Saving and Leap Second Mode
  • Three Separate Receivers Receiving Simultaneously. Receivers have an audio monitor
  • Battery Backup and  24 Hour "Supercap" Capacitor Backup
  • RS-232 Serial Interface
  • Includes Standard IRIG-B AM Output
  • Custom LCD Display  
  • External indoor ferrite  or outdoor dipole antenna.
  • Direct support for receiver in many time sync programs including Radio Sync, NTP, TimeServ, Cadence and others.
  • Support for Windows, Linux, Unix, MS-DOS, Mac, DEC, Sun O/S, IBM resident timeservers using NTP.
TrueTime TL-3 Specifications  

On-board Receivers

  • Three separate WWV receivers: 5, 10 and 15 MHz Simultaneous data processing
  • Type: AM, Single Conversion Synchronous Detector
  • Antenna Input: 50 ohm, BNC female, 11 VDC on Coax Center to Power an Active Antenna.
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Internal Frequency (IF): 455 KHz
  • Sensitivity: Audible at less than 0.5 uV input.
  • Power: 12 VDC @400 ma  via AC adapter


  • Time Accuracy; within +/- 5 msec of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) when receiving the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) WWV/WWVH radio signals.
  • Lock On Time:5 minutes typical, under normal signal conditions. 2 minutes maximum with strong signals present.
  • Free-Running Stability: 20 ppm typical, 30 ppm worse case.
  • Power Loss Backup: 24 hours CMOS clock backup with an 0.1 farad "supercap". Up to 10 years CMOS clock backup with a 3 V lithium button cell battery.




  • AD-3 Dipole Antenna with 50 ft. RG-58 Coax and mounting bracket (shown)
  • Includes separate pole mounting bracket


  • AF-3 Active Ferrite Antenna with 6' RG-58 Coax


Display Indicators
  • Time: HH:MM:SS  AM, PM
  • Month, Day, Year; MM DD YY
  • Day of Week: SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT
  • Julian Date: DDD
  • Receiver frequency: 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 15MHz
  • UTC
  • Daylight Saving Time indicator
  • Signal Strength
  • Time Zone
  • Propagation Delay
  • Time Format
  • Last Update
  • Pulse Output
  • Mode C


  •  Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • RS-232 Communication Parameters: 300,600,1200, 2400,9600 Baud, selectable parity, word length and stop bits. Connects to a PC running software at 9600 baud through the computer's native serial port (COM1-7)
  • IRIG B (Amplitude Modulated) More...
  • 1 PPS (One Pulse Per Second)
  • 1 PPD (One Plulse Per Day)
  • Audio Monitoring
  • Includes power supply and RS-232 cable (DIN to DB9)
  • Includes 4 blank plug set for power, RS-232, pulse and IRIG jacks.


  • Receiver Dimensions: 8.5W x 4.4"D x 2"H
  • Desk or Wall Mount (bracket included)
  • Dipole antenna - 6' tip to tip






SKU Price  
Radio Sync Software,   True Time WWV TL-3  receiver and Dipole Antenna
Includes indoor receiver, with 50' connecting  coax cable, data cable, power supply and 6' dipole antenna. Bundled with Radio Sync timeserver software for Windows.
RSTL3 $499.95
True Time WWV TL-3  receiver kit
Includes indoor receiver, with 50' connecting  coax cable, data cable, power supply and 6' dipole antenna. 1 year warranty.
TL3KIT $399.95

All Radio Sync packages include installation
and technical support for 6 months!


Additional options and accessories:
Dipole Antenna
6' active dipole antenna with 50' connecting  RG-58 coax cable and pole mounting bracket. Model AD-3.
TL3AD3 $79.95
       Add a USB adapter to connect your True Time receiver to your computer's USB port. 232USB $14.95
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