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Time Sync Products for MS-DOS

Beagle Software offers a series of time sync hardware and software products that work on a MS-DOS  platform. More about other platforms.

Clock Card
Real Time Clock on a ISA Card

Utilities are available that allow you to set the MS-DOS time from ClockCard ISA. Please contact Beagle Software for more information.  

ClockCard - Main Page
ClockCard - Product Guide
ClockCard - Product Index


Radio Sync
WWVB Receiver

There are a number of low frequency time signals around the world that broadcast accurate time and date information. In North American, the WWVB signal is broadcast from Ft. Collins in Colorado by the NIST on 60kHz. This can be received throughout the lower 48 states of the U.S.A. as well as large parts of Canada and Mexico. 

TrueTime TL-3 Receiver
The TrueTime TL-3 Receiver includes TimeLink software from TrueTime. TimeLink is a DOS program that gets the time from the WWVB receiver and sets the DOS clock. It is included with purchase of the TL-3 receiver.

Radio Sync Receiver BS2
The Radio Sync receiver will decode the signal into a time string usable by MS-DOS. MS-DOS utilities are available to set the MS-DOS system date and time from the Radio Sync receiver.
Please contact Beagle Software for more information.

Radio Sync - Main Page


ClockWatch Client/Server
Time Sync Software for Networks

There is currently no support for MS-DOS and ClockWatch Client/Server.

ClockWatch Client/Server - Main Page


Star Sync
GPS Receiver

There is currently no support for MS-DOS and Star Sync.

Star Sync - Main Page

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