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Macintosh Users

Beagle Software does not write applications for Apple Macintosh. However, ClockWatch Server will work as a Network Time Server to Mac clients. Beginning with Mac O/S version 8.5 the Max O/S included an NTP client compatible with ClockWatch Server. To use this native client, you would load ClockWatch Server on a Windows computer and then point the Mac NTP clients to the ClockWatch timeserver.


Setting the Time and Date In Mac OSX

With Mac OSX you can have your time and date automatically set by a network time protocol (NTP) server - this is particularly useful when you are connected to a network.

  1. Click on the Apple Menu.
  2. Select System Preferences ... to open the System Preferences window.
  3. Click on the Date & Time icon (in the System section of the System Preferences window), to open the Date & Time window.
  4. Start by setting the time zone - click on the Time Zone tab, and make sure that the proper time zone is selected.
  5. Next, set the time/date either manually or via an NTP server:
    1. To set the time automatically using a network time server:
      1. Click on the Network Time tab.
      2. Make sure there is a checkmark next to:
          Use a network time server
      3. Select an NTP Server from the drop down menu, such as:
          Apple Americas/U.S. (time.apple.com)
      4. If using ClockWatch Server enter the network name of the ClockWatch Server.
      5. Click on the Set Time Now button.
  6. Close the Date & Time window.
Adding ClockWatch Server to the Mac Date & Time control panel (OS 8.5)
  1. Open the Date & Time control panel.
  2. Check "Use a Network Time Server".
  3. Click the "Server Options" button.
  4. Select Edit List from the Network Time Server menu.
  5. Click the Add button in the Edit Server List window.  The Add window appears.
  6. Enter the location of ClockWatch Server (i.e. computer room) into the Descriptive Name field.
  7. Enter either the name or IP address of ClockWatch Server into the Server Address field.
  8. Click the "Add" button to complete the entry.
  9. Select the ClockWatch Server just created from from the list.
  10. Click the "Done" button in the Edit Server List window.

More information on using Macs with ClockWatch .

Information for Mac Users 

Links to Mac time sync software:

  • www.ntp.org is the central source for NTP software and documentation.
  • www.nist.gov US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Time technology site. Includes Mac software list.
  • www.kezer.net is an independent shareware developer with several packages.  ClockSync II will synchronize a network to the same time, as well as to a network time server over the Internet.
  • Vremya (Russian for "time") uses the Internet to update the internal clock via NTP (Network Time Protocol).   There does not seem to be much supporting information, and the last version we could find (v.2.0) was designed for OS 7.1 on up through 9.0.
We hope this helps.  Please feel free to contact us with any suggested Mac info to add to this page. 

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