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Advanced Features in ClockWatch Server

Here are some of the exciting advanced features in ClockWatch Server.

Clock Offset 
This option let you set your PC clock ahead or backwards. The idea is that after you have got the time and corrected for the time zones and daylight savings, adjust the final time with the "time offset" value before setting the system clock. This is desirable when the computer is operating in a precise, but non-standard time environments such as  certain radio and TV broadcast. Offset value can be set from -2,000,000,000 to +2,000,000,000 milliseconds.

Tech Note: We define a clock's "offset" at a particular moment as the difference between the time reported by the clock and the "true" local time as defined by UTC. If the clock reports a time Tc and the true local time is Tt, then the clock's offset is Tc - Tt.

Contact beagle Software for easy instructions.

Clock Locking
ClockWatch Server contains a unique clock locking feature that allows you locks down the date and time on your computer. Whenever a user tries to change either the date or time, ClockWatch blocks the change and logs the attempt. Someone trying to change the time from the control panel or another application won't be able to change either the date or the time of the computer. More..

BIOS Clock
ClockWatch Server allows you synchronize the operating system clock with the BIOS clock.  Computers experiencing significant daily time loss will find this an easy way to stabilize their clocks between external time settings. The BIOS clock provides an excellent secondary time source to use between external clock synchronizations. More...

Time Auditor
Time Audit utility lets you tell at a glance how close your Windows network is to being in sync.  The utility communicates with the each of the clients to check their time.  The Time Audit/ClockWatch combination gives you an easy way to both monitor and maintain the exact time across a network. More...

Event Logging
Event logging will write a selected action to a text file and/or the Windows Event log. This log can capture major time setting activities as well as warnings about possible system or time setting problems. ClockWatch can also be integrated into Syslog and SNMP management systems.  More...

Event Notification
ClockWatch can notify you via email when a clock setting is missed or overdue. More...

Runs as a Service
ClockWatch Server (and ClockWatch Client) contains an additional module, ClockWatch Service, which can be installed as a Service under Windows NT/2000. This allows ClockWatch Service to run in the special service area of the NT/2k/XP operating system. More...

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