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ClockWatch Client/Server Installation


A. Choose which machine will be the timeserver

  • Computer should have Internet or Modem access for time syncing with atomic clock
  • Computer must be accessible on the LAN to all clients
  • Computer normally should be left running
  • Does not have to be a domain controller or otherwise special computer on the network.


B. Install ClockWatch Server software on the timeserver

  • Install the ClockWatch Server program from CD-ROM or download from web
  • Use the key code on back of CD-ROM or provided by Beagle Software
  • After installing the server, install the license utility provided by Beagle Software on the timeserver for the total number of client licenses purchased. Without the license utility, the server will reply to just a single client.


C. Install the ClockWatch Client software  on the clients

  • Timeserver should be on the the same LAN or WAN as the clients. Clients should be able to locate the computer acting as the timeserver in the Windows Network Neighborhood.
  • Locate the ClockWatch Client  application on the CD-ROM, or download the file from our website
  • Specify the network name or IP address of the timeserver when asked by the installation. (i.e. myserver or )
  • ServerMP will work with non ClockWatch clients, the default client protocol is SNTP.


D. Test each client

  • The ClockWatch Server application or service must be running on timeserver to respond to requests from ClockWatch clients
  • Start both server and client ClockWatch program from:
    Start -> Program Files -> Beagle Software -> ClockWatch
  • Press the "Set Time" button on the client
  • The connection will be made to the timeserver, the time retrieved and the time setting made. Results will be shown in the log window.
  • Problems? Check the troubleshooting section.



  • The software installation procedure is the same for all editions of ClockWatch.  Note that ClockWatch Client requires ClockWatch Server to be installed on the network.

  • There is no need to reinstall over the trial software—simply enter the keycode to engage full functionality.

  • ClockWatch can be installed directly over a previously installed version or edition. Some ClockWatch options have changed, so you may need to reset some time setting or display options after starting the new software.

  • ClockWatch Server requires a license utility installation to function with more than one client.  Contact Beagle Software at 612-370-1091 or by to request this utility.

Software Installation

  1. From download:  Download the file from and save to a location on  your PC.  Double-click on the file to initiate installation.

  2. From CD:  Place the CD in the driver or open the CD-ROM manually within Windows. From the Windows Start menu in the lower left corner select the Run command from the menu. Enter  x:\Setup  in the Run box (replace ‘x’ with CD-ROM drive letter , usually ‘D’ or ‘E’).

  3. Follow the instructions from the ClockWatch installation wizard. 
    -  On the “Select Group” screen choose ClockWatch Client/Server.
    -   On following screen select the appropriate edition.

  4. For trial:  use the default keycode TRIAL for the free 30-day trial.  The software is fully functional for 30 days from installation.

  5. For registered purchasers:  When asked for the key code, enter the 7-character code exactly as printed on the sticker on the CD envelope (or from your confirmation email). Enter this code on the registration page of the install wizard, or if you are already running ClockWatch choose the Register option under the Help menu.

  6. You will be guided through a series of screens.  You can customize your installation, but Beagle Software recommends choosing the default selections.

  7. When installation is complete, Start ClockWatch Sentry from Start> Programs>Beagle Software>ClockWatch.


Software Removal

Removing ClockWatch from a system will remove all executables, help files, log files, registry settings and DLLs that are registered exclusively to ClockWatch.  To remove ClockWatch you need to use the uninstall utility provided with the software:

  1. Exit ClockWatch, stop all background instances of ClockWatch, including services.

  2. Select the Uninstall program (uninstall.exe) from the Programs>Beagle Software directory.

  3. Follow the uninstall wizard.  Accept the defaults.

If asked if you want to remove shared DLLs, it is safest not to remove them in case they are in use by another program.

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