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Customization of ClockWatch Client Installations

ClockWatch Client features a simple, yet powerful, option that lets you include a custom installation template.  This makes installing ClockWatch Client with company-specific values simple and direct. This also allows for company-wide deployment of customized ClockWatch Client installations without modifying the original installation package. The installation files can be shared or copied to a network share for installation. A silent program installer is also available from Beagle Software for large scale or automated deployments.

Some of the program options whose values can be predefined in the install template include:

Server Options

  • Server Format:  Daytime or NIST server type.
  • Server Name:  IP address or name of  timeserver.
  • Server Time Zone Difference:  Difference in hours of timeserver from local computer.
  • Local Port:  TCP/IP port to use for server communication.

Accuracy Calculation Options

  • Setting Mode:  Manual, once, daily, periodic or auto setting mode.
  • Timed Interval:  Seconds between readings.
  • Desired Accuracy:  Desired level of accuracy in seconds per day.
  • Clock Uncertainty:  Stability index of clients.
  • Max Threshold:  Maximum number of seconds clock can be changed.
  • Min Threshold:  Minimum number of seconds clock can be changed.
  • Min Threshold Drift:  Minimum number of seconds clock must be off before it is changed.

Display Options

  • Display NIST Time Window:  (y/n)
  • Display System Time Window:  (y/n)
  • Display Tips at Startup:  (y/n)
  • Display World Clock:  (y/n)
  • World Clock Uses DST:  (y/n)
  • World Clock Label
  • World Clock Time Zone 

Graph Display Options

  • Graph Drift On:  (y/n)
  • Graph Difference On: (y/n)
  • Graph Previous Settings On: (y/n)
  • Graph Previous Settings Ignore Zero Values: (y/n)
  • Graph Data Points:  Maximum number of data points in graphs.

Logging Options

  • Clock Setting Log On:  (y/n)
  • Logging File Name:  Name of file where Clock Setting log is written.

Easy Deployment of Customized Installation Packages
The ClockWatch install template is included as part of the standard installation of ClockWatch Client. When present, the values are loaded as default values in the installation.  If ClockWatch is installed in interactive mode, the template values are presented as default choices during installation.

Beagle Software can also provide silent installation packages that install the software using values specified in the install template.

The install template installation packages are available through Beagle Software and its VARs. Contact Beagle Software for more information, pricing, site licensing, etc.

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