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ClockWatch - Time Auditor
Displays network wide clock sync status

This feature is standard in all server versions* of ClockWatch

Beagle Software's Time Audit Utility lets you tell at a glance how close your Windows network is to being in sync.  The utility communicates with the each of the clients to check their time.  The Time Audit/ClockWatch combination gives you an easy way to both monitor and maintain the exact time across a network.

Time Auditor shows sync status of clients on your network at a glance


·        Remote time checks – check the time of any Windows client on the network. Displays time difference from server’s time.

·        Custom Monitoring Levels – settable clock performance levels lets you grade clients (pass/OK/fail) against the standards that you set.

·        Vivid Display Options - Multiple view options and color coded clock performance icons let you quickly gauge either network wide or individual client performance.

·        Client Test Detail – gives a quick summary of how an individual client is doing. Includes time check information, ping test and gives additional test information.

·        Integrated with ClockWatch – as a utility included with ClockWatch Server, Beagle Software’s Time Audit utility is intended to complement the time setting functionality of ClockWatch with network-wide time monitoring. The utility lets you quickly see that ClockWatch is doing its job.


*Server version of ClockWatch include ClockWatch Server, ServerMP, Star Sync, Cell Sync and Radio Sync

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