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Beagle Software's Countdown Timer Free Utility
Beagle Software's free Countdown Timer lets you time events right on your desktop with ease and precision. Just enter the expiration time or the interval to time -  that's it. The Countdown Timer handles times in the range from the next minute to next year - the  timer will show the time remaining in whatever format you choose.
Simple controls and clear display make it a tool you'll use regularly.
When the time expires, you'll be beeped. In the Stop Watch mode you can simply start the clock and see how much time has elapsed as well as when you started. So simple and handy, it will become a standard accessory on your desktop. Is also  included in ClockWatch!


  • Set an alarm clock on your desktop.
  • Time events as they happen in Stop Watch mode.
  • Set the time an auction will expire.
  • Set for any timed event.
  • Copy and convert eBay auction time into event timer.


  • User selectable display of days, hours,  minutes and seconds elapsed or remaining
  • Shows time remaining in task bar
  • Adjusts for future times in a variety of date formats - even adjusts for differing time zones.
  • Will create a  future appointment in Microsoft Outlook that coincides with event.
  • Input either a future date and time or an a time interval.
  • Stores the time last set and the title of event being timed.
  • Stop Watch mode lets you time events, includes a lap timer.
  • Full Screen mode features large digits, viewable from a distance.

See also: Using the Countdown Timer to time an auction

 Download Countdown Timer with ClockWatch time setting utility

 Download Countdown Timer (standalone)

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