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Introduction to ClockWatch

The computer you work on contains all the latest hardware and software. Works great - except for that clock. How is it that a computing system with more smarts than yesterday's mainframe keeps time less accurately than a $30 digital wrist watch?

Due to deficiencies in the original PC design, clocks in computers are notoriously inaccurate. They can drift from several seconds to several minutes each day. That drift in time can be anywhere from a simple  annoyance to a major issue.

For about the price of that wrist watch, you can have ClockWatch manage the task - keeping the PC clock set with the accuracy of national time standards.

ClockWatch keeps the time in your computer set accurately by regularly comparing your system clock to the "atomic" clock at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), now accessible over the Internet.

As you go about your business, ClockWatch  monitors your PC and make the time corrections when necessary. Settings can be made on demand, on a regular schedule, or automatically, based on the actual need of your computer.

Results from settings are vividly displayed in 3 different charts that show the overall accuracy of your computer's clock. A logging feature allows you to save all settings in a text file for later review or archival. The command line mode lets ClockWatch be included in another program.  The latest version can even call the NIST directly over the phone.

Price for the package?  Less than that $30 watch.


Why ClockWatch is Right for You...

Are you wondering how ClockWatch differs from other time sync applications? 


  • Multiple connection options,
  • Fall back recovery when timeservers are down or unavailable.
  • Extensive logging
  • Runs as application or service
  • A host of useful features


  • ClockWatch offers options for Internet connection, modem dial-up, or GPS receiver.
  • ClockWatch offers access to over one hundred timeservers worldwide, including one timeserver managed by Beagle Software.


  • REAL people responding to your inquiries.
  • Six months of support for registered users.
  • Six months of free upgrades for registered users.
  • Lifetime upgrade discounts for registered users.

We'll be there...

  • When you have to reload after a crash.
  • When you upgrade to the next O/S.
  • Are looking for time sync solutions for your company.
  • When you forgot how to use that neat little feature.

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