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What others are saying about ClockWatch...

Press Comments

"The best solution [to time-synchronize your computer's clock] is to install a time utility that adjusts your clock automatically using Internet servers calibrated to atomic time. Our favorite is Beagle Software's ClockWatch" -- Undocumented Windows Secrets, PC Computing

"Highly Recommended"
-- Ed Bott, PC Computing

"I found Beagle Software's ClockWatch program reliable and easy to run"  -- Arul Louis, NY Daily News

Featured in Ziff Davis's Undocumented Tips of the Day, March '00 ZDNet - 4Stars

User Comments

"This is a VERY useful piece of software" - C. Hunt

"The program is superb and the help section very informative. I have been looking for a program like this for a long time."  -C. Locher, Switzerland

"Only one of 5 products that I tested that worked in my environment" -P. Johnson

"I like the automatic feature." - M. Stevens

"Great software ... simple and useful" - T. Hyde Jr.

"I like the program and it was easy to install." -  D. McCullough

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