ClockWatch is Favorite Time Utility of   PC Computing

Minneapolis, April 15, 1999--

Beagle Software's ClockWatch was featured in Undocumented Windows Secrets, the May cover story of  PC Computing.
The article noted that time loses in PCs were commonplace and, indeed, even built into Windows.

"The best solution is to install a time utility that adjust your clock automatically using internet servers calibrated to atomic time. Our favorite is Beagle Software's ClockWatch."

ClockWatch provides a fast and easy way to synchronize a computer system's clock over the Internet. ClockWatch features multiple connection options and vivid result graphs.

ClockWatch is distributed exclusively over the Internet, and is available for a free trial, by downloading from the Beagle Software web site: . Available for both Windows NT and Windows 98.

Beagle Software, located in Minneapolis MN, designs and distributes Windows-based utilities that bring the power of the Internet to the desktop of the user.

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