ClockWatch Radio Sync
WWVB Desktop Receiver

Desktop WWVB receiver with integrated antenna

Automatically synchronizes to the National Institute of Standards and Technology WWVB Time Code, the most accurate timekeeping technology, adjusts itself for standard and daylight savings time. Radio controlled Desktop withalarm and P.C. interface for your computer.

Internal Signal Reception Indicator with Strength Meter.

The Atomic World Time Dual Alarm Clock automatically synchronizes to the US Atomic Clock in Ft. Collins, CO. utilizing the most accurate timekeeping technology available. This clock has a dual line for display of time, the date, or appointments, or for any selected US and world time.

  • Automatic time setting by radio signal from U.S. Atomic Clock (world's most accurate clock).
  • Fully functional large digital display.
  • Simultaneous Display of Time, Date or Appointments, or any selected US and World Time.
  • 2 independent adjustable appointment times (alarm).
  • Internal signal reception indicator with strength meter.
  • Superior reception sensitivity - no external antenna or unsightly wires.
  • One-touch illumination for night time.
  • Lithium battery backup

This clock has also been available for a few years. There are a lot of nice features on this clock. For example, it's one of the few radio controlled clocks with two alarms. The two-line display will show you the current, local time in 12-hour mode. The second line will either display the date or the current time in another time zone anywhere else in the world (except for those places which are 30 minutes off from a standard time zone). The other time zone display will also be in 12-hour mode. There is a light on the display to help you see it at night, but it's the old-fashioned light-bulb type and not the "indiglo-style" night display.
Another great thing about this clock is that it can keep the correct time for hours on end even if you remove the batteries! So when it comes time to change the batteries, there's no rush to install the new ones and there's no need to repeat any of the settings when you install the new batteries. This is the only battery-powered, radio controlled clock I know of which retains its settings even if the batteries are out for a little while.

My only complaint about this clock is that there are 5 buttons on it for operating and/or changing settings, but none of those buttons is labeled. If you lose the instruction booklet it might take you a few minutes to figure out and/or remember what each button does when you want to change any settings.

Radio Sync provides accurate time and date information referenced to the United States Atomic Clock Standard. The unit receives VLF (very low frequency) radio signals broadcast by WWVB operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

A microcomputer processes WWVB signals, maintains an accurate real time clock and hosts the serial communication interface. Received data is correlated over time to set an internal real-time clock (RTC). The RTC is driven by a precision quartz crystal for continuous accurate time reference. Battery power provides internal operating voltages .

  • Receiver Location
    The antenna/receiver unit is designed to be used indoors on a desktop.
  • Operation inside metal buildings or buildings with metal reinforcements may be marginal.
  • The clock is directional with best reception obtained with the front side perpendicular to Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Avoid locating near suspected interference sources such as:
    • Lamp dimmers Fluorescent lamps Electronic igniters CRT monitors Battery chargers Switching power supplies Motors Automobile ignition systems Power lines Nearby radio transmitters

In some areas of the country the signal may not be available 24 hours a day. In these cases setup and initial reception are usually best done at night. The unit is designed to keep accurate time during marginal reception periods after time is initially acquired.

The Radio Sync comes with a five-foot interface cable, with a DB9 serial data connector.

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