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Troubleshooting ClockWatch Enterprise
Tips on how to troubleshoot ClockWatch Enterprise

Troubleshooting Topics
1.  Enterprise - Client Communication Problems
2. Installation Problems

1.  Enterprise / Client Communication Problems

‘Address in Use’ or ‘Can’t Reset Server’ Error Messages

  • This is usually due to the TCP port that the Enterprise communication normally uses being used by another application. Enterprise normally uses port 1001 for client communication. If another application is using this port, then Enterprise is unable to open it and complains.   The port can be changed on both the Enterprise and the client.

   Enterprise get “Exceeds license” message

  • ClockWatch Enterprise must be licensed for each client in use. Contact Beagle Software to purchase additional licenses or to obtain an evaluation license for multiple clients.

   Enterprise Fails to contact Clients

  • Check the communication (ping from the Client to the Server using the address).

  • Check that the port is available for use (run netstat –a from the DOS command line on both client and server for a listing of TCP and UDP ports currently in use).

  • Check the port number on of the Client (Options->Port Number.  Check that the port and the protocol are the same on both the Server and Client.


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