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Installing ClockWatch Enterprise


A. Choose which machine will be the timeserver

  • Must have Internet access for time syncing with atomic clock
  • Computer must be accessible on the LAN to all clients
  • Computer normally should be left running


B. Install ClockWatch Enterprise on the timeserver

  • Install from CD-ROM
  • Use the key code on back of CD-ROM

Used to monitor and keep clients at the correct time

Refer to the on-line help for more information


C. Install the ClockWatch Service Module on the clients

  • Install the Service Module on the Client
  • Start the service or application on each client

Application or service module must be running to respond to requests from ClockWatch Enterprise


D. Configure ClockWatch Enterprise for each client

  • Start ClockWatch Enterprise program from:
    Start -> Program Files -> Beagle Software -> ClockWatch Enterprise.
  • Add each client from to the list of computers. It will be displayed in the client tree.
  • Select the client in the pull-down menu. Press the “Start” button. ClockWatch Enterprise will use the default ‘ping’ function.

The connection will be made to the client, the roundtrip connection time will be checked and the findings will be displayed in the client tree.



  • Email Beagle Software technical support:  
  • Or, call Beagle Software at 612 370-1091



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Network Time Synchronization

Client Service Module

Network Monitoring

Advanced Features
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