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ClockWatch Enterprise Network Monitoring

ClockWatch Enterprise has built in network monitoring features that can work in your multi platform environment.

ClockWatch Enterprise allows you to easily monitor computers on your network. You can quickly tell if computers are running and if they are responding.

The network monitoring functionality in Enterprise can be broken down into two types - active and passive. The active client  runs the Enterprise Service Module and can respond to specific requests from ClockWatch Enterprise. In the passive case there is no Enterprise software loaded on the client. Instead, the client responds to standard network requests, such as 'ping'. While Enterprise can do the most with one of its clients, it should be able to communicate with any computer on the network.

For information about keeping a network synchronized see network time syncing. For information about remote startup and shutdown, Wake-on-LAN, see the remote execution section. For remote program execution see the advanced features section.

Cross-platform monitoring with Enterprise

Enterprise's Monitoring options by platform type.

For MS Windows Computers with Service Module Installed:

  • Heartbeat
  • Time check
  • Ping

For Windows Computers:

  • Time check
  • Ping

For Non Windows  computers:

  • Ping 


Initializing the Client List and Self Discovery Options

Enterprise has the ability to automatically enumerate a list of computers that appear on the network. It can check the time of Windows computers and discover the computers that have the Enterprise Service module installed and running.


Stats, Logging and Display Options

The logging and display features of ClockWatch Enterprise make it an excellent choice for network monitoring. With it you can:

  • Monitor any computer on the network
  • Show computers that have not responded to requests
  • Maintain stats on up-time, response time and network availability
  • Maintain a log of individual computers responses to monitoring queries


The Bottom Line..

ClockWatch Enterprise provides a powerful cost effective tool for keeping an extra eye on your network.


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