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Event Logging with DocuLog

DocuLog lets you log an action, event or incident with ease and precision. With DocuLog you can record events as they happen using a variety of event triggers and save the event with a variety of output options.   Event descriptions can be  entered before events or real-time as they happen. Descriptions of the event or item can be entered by keyboard or with a barcode scanner. You can save an event by pressing a key, scanning a bar code, inserting a slip of paper into a printer or through a serial port. An instant record or receipt can be printed on paper or saved to a file. The receipt can be stamped with the description and a date and time stamp that is traceable back to the Atomic Clock. 

DocuLog - Main Screen


Multiple Input Sources (event triggering options)

Program button/key press - time an event by pressing button or enter key.

Barcode Scanner - events can be triggered whenever a barcode is scanned. Barcode scanner compatible means that you can log shipments, products or anything that can be bar-coded.

Serial Port - events can be triggered through a serial (RS-232) port. External devices can 'fire' an event by sending a pulse through the serial port.

API - Custom computer programs can be easily adapted to fire an event. An application programming interface (API) is available from Beagle Software for registered user's of DocuLog.

Paper insertion - events can be triggered by inserting a page or slip into the optional DocuClock printer. Upon sensing the insertion of the paper with the electric eyes DocuLog can print the date/time and a message while logging the event on the computer.

Time Base Options

    Native computer time - events are normally stamped with the local computer time and date.

    Corrected computer time (NIST) - when used with ClockWatch, the logger stamps a date and time traceable back to the Atomic Clock.

    Time offset from standard time - a time offset option lets you stamp a time that is ahead or behind actual time.

    ClockCard based time - instead of using the computer operating system time, DocuLog can access the precision real-time clock on ClockCard, a card with microsecond resolution. This gives you the ability to precisely time events.


Output Options

Printed output  

DocuClock printer - the slip printer can be stamped as soon as the event is triggered, by either inserting the paper in the printer or with any of the event triggers listed above. More on the DocuClock printer.

Regular printer - You can print time stamps and messages on your regular Windows printer or make a time stamp entry into a text file. Printing is started by triggering the event by pressing the "Time Stamp" button on the DocuLog screen.  

File output - creates a file entry for each event including date, time, message.

File Time Stamping
Use DocuLog  to make precise time entries in a file. Users can customize format and specify the precise time an event occurred (in milliseconds, if desired). Print a paper copy only if you need it. More on event timing...

How it Works

  1. DocuLog software is started. When the program starts, the DocuLog software initializes the connection with the configured Windows printer.
  2. The user presses the “Time Stamp” button and the time stamp is sent to the printer. It sends the time, a message, and text as specified in the DocuLog program. 
  3. The printer prints the time, a message, and text as specified in the DocuLog program. 
  4. After printing, the printer is ready for the next stamp.


Common Uses

Event timing - Show when an event occurred logging when it occurred and the event description or ID.

Time Stamping - provides a date/time stamp traceable back to the NIST's Atomic Clock.

Receipt Printing - stamp date and time on pre-printed forms using existing printer or with the DocuClock print head that features automatic paper detection.

Receiving - log incoming shipments by tracking ID, time received. Scan in bar-coded parts and print receipt while logging event to file with exact date and time.

Inventory - Record inventory by scanning parts. Import data into common spread sheet and database programs.

See DocuLog in the warehouse

See DocuLog in the lab or workplace


System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.

Pricing (USD)

DocuLog   (Model DCL)$275

Major Options:

DocuClock printer    $449

ClockCard PCI         $200

ClockCard Micro      $275


How to Order

DocuLog can be ordered from our online store. 
You can call us at 1-612-370-1091 or
1-877-845-2549 (US toll free). 


For More Information

For more information on this product please email us at .

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