New Features in ClockWatch 4.0  

Current Release: V4.4  

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All ClockWatch versions

  • Updated screen interface to new XP/Vista style

  • Added new HTML based help

  • Added ability to run either as administrator or regular user

  • Clearer difference between regular user and administrator run-time characteristics

  • Refined Auto Time Setting option to be more responsive to shifts in time accuracy

  • Code signed all executables and installer

  • Updated installer

  • Windows Vista compatible

ClockWatch Server (Server, ServerMP, Star Sync, Cell Sync)

  • Improved capturing of Client's IP address.

  • Stores time sent by NTP client (when available). Calculate and display time difference from server.

  • Enhanced Client Logs:
    Client Detail

    Includes each client request (including client IP, request time and time difference)
        On/off option
        Specify log file name and location option
    Client Summary
        Ad-hoc summary report about client activity

  • Revised 'Add new user' utility to work with Power User's under Win XP SP2+

  • Added SNMP network logging support

  • Improved speed of validation of cellular time signals. (Cell Sync)

  • Added an "Always Use Standard Time" option (Cell Sync).

  • Added support for new heavy duty GPS receiver (Star Sync)


ClockWatch Client

  • Added sending of time along with NTP time request.

ClockWatch Pro

  • Added 'add new user' utility. With this utility you can give additional users on the same computer access to ClockWatch.

Upgrade History

Upgrade Policy

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