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Using the Bluetooth Adapter Kit
 as a Serial Cable Eliminator

  • Serial RS-232 devices can be wirelessly connected using Bluetooth technology
  • No need for PC or notebook
  • Offers a simple and reliable serial cable replacement


The serial RS-232 interface is still popular and used in retail, industrial control, sensors, GPS receivers and more. Connecting cables limit the installation possibilities as well as the users freedom of movement. A Bluetooth wireless 'cable' can be the perfect solution to get rid of physical cables. The Bluetooth adapters from Beagle Software are active devices with integrated processors and can be used as a true RS-232 cable replacement solution. They require just a one-time setup and pairing of the two adapters. The adapters work independently of any operating system and no software is necessary to connect even "dumb" devices such as printers, sensors, measurement devices, simple controls, etc..
Use the adapters to replace an existing cable

Our Bluetooth wireless adapter kit consists of two adapters, power supplies and the necessary serial adapters to convert most wired installations. Set-up consists of setting the adapter same settings as the serial device and pairing the two adapters to talk to each other.

Paired Adapters

Pairing adapters lets you use two adapters to wireless connect a serial device. In this mode the adapters serve as a serial cable eliminator. In a pared mode one adapter functions as a 'master' and the other as a 'slave'. Once the adapters are paired the connection is made automatically - even after power failures.

Steps to Replace Your Serial Cable

  1. Configure. Configure the adapters using the same settings of the device you are wireless connecting. More..
  2. Replace. Plug one adapter into the device, one into the computer

That's it. The device should now be connected and will stayed connected without further effort.


Serial Settings for Beagle Software Products

Here are the adapter settings to use with Beagle Software products.


Star Sync

Star Sync

Star Sync


Cell Sync

Radio Sync


Heavy Duty Receiver

Standard Duty Receiver

External Receiver

Serial Time stamper



Baud Rate







Port Parameters:
(data bits, stop bits, parity)
8,1,none 8,1,none 8,1,none 8,1,none 8,1,none 8,1,none
Flow Control: none none none none none none
Pairing: Master/DCE: computer
Slave/DTE: receiver
Master/DCE: computer
Slave/DTE: receiver
Master/DCE: computer
Slave/DTE: receiver
Master/DCE: computer
Slave/DTE: printer
Master/DCE: computer
Slave/DTE: receiver
Master/DCE: computer
Slave/DTE: receiver
cable eliminator / 2-pak
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Bluetooth to serial adapter


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