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Playing Voice and Music with Slides

With SlideShow you can add sound to accompany a slide - even if the original URL or image contains no sound.  It's easy to add musical accompaniment or voice-over for a slide while it is being displayed.

SlideShow gives you the ability to play sound files used to accompany slides. The sound files can contain music, voice, or any kind of file supported by the native sound card. If the sound card has recording capability, then speech or music can be recorded.

Steps to add sound to a slide:

Add sound to slides
Sound file can be specified in the edit slide form.

  • Add or edit a slide.  Choose the image or URL to be displayed.
  • Add sound to the image by recording a new sound file or by selecting an existing 'wav' file.
  • Run the show.  When the slide with sound is displayed, the image or web page will be displayed and then the sound file will be played.
  • SlideShow will use the native Windows sound drivers when running SlideShow in the normal mode, and will use the browser's sound capabilities when sound is played in a Web-based show.

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