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DocuClock TimePrint Server Edition
Time stamp any document using your existing network printer!
TimePrint Server Edition offer an ideal way to provide TimePrints advanced printing capabilities to multiple workstations and users on a network.  
DocuClock TimePrint Server Edition lets you time stamp any document using your regular application and regular network printer. TimePrint lets a document be marked with the date and/or time on the top, bottom or even as a watermark across the page!
TimePrint Server installs on a file server, and any user with access to the file server can use TimePrint Server simply by connecting to a shared printer. A single installation can handle printing requests from multiple clients with ease.

 We're sorry but this product has been discontinued by the publisher.

Features: TimePrint Server Edition has the following features, which are in addition to the standard TimePrint product:

No Client Software Required: TimePrint appears as a Network Printer on your network. Any client can use it without installing any additional software.

Network Client Support: Supports clients running Windows 9x, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Win7 including laptops and Terminal Server/Citrix clients. 

Centralized Installation: Install on a Windows server, and any user can install by connecting to a shared printer. Admin access to the workstation is not required. When a new version becomes available, you simply install it on the server. Client users are automatically updated to the new version.

Shared Configuration: Common settings can be placed on the server for propagation to workstations upon installation. For example, the duplex printing option can saved on the server and copied to workstations upon installation. Centralized Updates: When a new version of Server Edition becomes available, you simply install it on the server. Client users are automatically updated to the new version.

Configurable User Interface: Product features can be removed from the user interface if desired. It is also possible to define default settings and remove particular user interface controls ensuring that settings do not change.

License Management: Ensures license compliance and allows monitoring and control of license usage on a single server or a group of connected servers.

If you are looking for a separate Date/Time stamp printer or need OATS compliance, consider the DocuClock printer.

Print time at the top, bottom or middle of page!

DocuClock TimePrint Server works with any network printer supported in Windows.   This software solution lets you print time stamps and messages on your regular network printer. Print as you normally would from your regular application.

How it Works

  1. The user prints a document from an application in the normal fashion.
  2. The print job is sent to the DocuClock print driver on the network server which adds the time stamp and then forwards it to the designated printer. 
  3. The printer prints the document with the time stamp included.
  4. After printing, the printer is ready for the next stamp.

TimePrint Server is available for a free 30 day trial!

System Requirements

  • Windows NT4 Server, Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server, Windows 7/8
  • Network Printer
  • Each user that wants to use TimePrint needs a license for TimePrint Server. No license is required for the server. License administration is done on the server.

DocuClock TimePrint can be ordered directly from Beagle Software's on-line store.

TimePrint Server Pricing
Licenses Price Each
1 $59.95
2-14 $53.95
15-49 $47.95
50-249 $42.95
250+ request a quote
DocuClock TimePrint Server  (Model DCTPS) $59.95 per user    

Free Trial

TimePrint Server is available for a free trial.    
DocuClock TimePrint Server for Windows
Windows NT/2000/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7
(Release 6.25)

We're sorry but this product has been discontinued by the publisher.



TimePrint Server Administrator's Guide

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