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ClockWatch Reinstallation

Beagle Software's download page maintains only the latest version of our software, intended to support new and upgrading users.  If you are already a registered user and need to reinstall ClockWatch due to a system rebuild or similar situation, you may need to obtain older installation files to match your version.  Continue reading for more information.

Note to DocuClock and ClockWatch Enterprise users:  the latest version from the download page is the only installation file you need, but may have a minor upgrade.  Please contact Beagle Software if you have any questions. 

  • If you know your version and edition, choose from the following table to download the proper installation files.  Save the file(s) to your desktop and double-click to install.  
  • If you do not know your version and edition, contact Beagle Software to request the information.  Please note that you require installation files, and include your name and phone number and business name (if applicable).

Installation File Archive
Select the link below to download the installation file(s) for your registered edition and version of ClockWatch.   Save the file(s) to your desktop and double-click to install.

  • The installation should overwrite any other ClockWatch installations, but if you have problems run the uninstallation utility (Start>Programs>Beagle Software>Uninstall) and then reinstall.
Version ClockWatch Pro ClockWatch Pro NT ClockWatch Basic ClockWatch Server
Pro2.5     Server2.5
2.4.4 Pro2.4   Basic2.4 Server2.4
Pro2.3   Basic2.3 Server2.3
Pro2.2 Not Applic.
(use Pro)
Basic2.2 Server2.2
2.1 Pro2.1 ProNT2.1 Basic2.1 Server2.1
2.0 Pro2.0 ProNT2.0 Basic2.0 Server2.0
1.4 Pro1.4 ProNT1.4   Server1.4
1.3 Pro1.3 ProNT1.3   Server1.3

* Pro and ProNT were merged into the same product as of version 2.2.X.

Contact Beagle Software if you require installation files for ClockWatch Client or Client 2000.

Are you having installation problems?

  • XP users need to upgrade to version 2.2.X.  You may do so at our online store.  Registered users qualify for a lifetime upgrade discount (contact us if you are not sure what discount you qualify for):
    • free upgrades for the first 6 months after registration.
    • 50% off list for upgrades from 6 to 12 months after registration.
    • 35% off list for upgrades more than 12 months after registration.
  • Other problems?  Visit our page on installation problems.

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