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Remote Device Control The X-10 Control Interface is a separate hardware interface used for switching power On or Off to powered devices.  The interface issues commands to X-10 type control modules over the power line. The X-10 interface lets you remotely control devices over a network or the Internet. Devices can be remotely powered on or off with control coming over a local or wide area network.  The client talks to a power line interface which dispatches commands to power line modules over regular home or office wiring X-10 lets you control printers, computers, peripherals or any other powered device from across the office or around the world.

Remote on/off device control

  • Control via X-10 over a network or the Internet.
  • Turns off or on any powered device.
  • Uses X-10 or Intelligent home modules.
  • Uses standard X-10 power line controllers and modules.
  • 120, 208, and 240 VAC modules available


The X-10 CP290 Computer Interface and cable with some X-10 Modules

System Requirements

Base configuration:

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.
  • LAN, WAN or Internet connectivity.

Optional configuration (for power line control):

  • Power line interface: X-10 CP290  (commercially available).
  • Power line modules: standard X-10 modules (commercially available).

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