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How To Use ClockWatch with AOL

AOL version 3.0+ lets you run any Internet program over your AOL connection, which means that you can use any Web browser and other Internet applications such as ClockWatch.

We have verified that ClockWatch works under versions 3.0 (and later) of AOL.

To use ClockWatch with AOL:

  1. Sign on to AOL. Seeing the Welcome screen or hearing the "Welcome" sound confirms that you've signed on.
  2. Open ClockWatch. You can use it immediately.

    Note: Once you sign off AOL, your Internet connection is lost, and you won't be able to use ClockWatch or other Internet applications until you've signed on again.

Tip:  Always be sure to open the AOL software before starting the ClockWatch software. You may have problems setting the clock if you open the software before the AOL software.

Note:  If you are using Windows95/98, and wish to use Windows95/98 (32-bit) Internet Software, you must use the Windows95 version of AOL. To check which version of AOL you have, start AOL, click on the Help Menu and choose "About America Online". If it does not say "for Windows95", then you have the regular Windows (Win3.x) version. You need to download and install the Windows95 version, which you can get at AOL under Keyword: upgrade.

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