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ClockWatch Cell Sync
CDMA Receiver

The Multitech CDMA spread spectrum time receiver offered with Cell Sync provides accuracy and precision at an affordable price. This accurate time and date information is referenced to the United States atomic clock standard.

These receivers feature:

  • Standards-based multi-band CDMA2000 1xRTT performance
  • Seamless integration with Cell Sync software
  • Internal real-time-clock backup
  • Wi-Fi style external antenna
  • Small in size- less than 4 inches long
  • Can be desktop or panel mounted

Performance. A microcomputer processes CDMA signals, maintains an accurate real time clock and hosts the serial communication interface. Received data is correlated over time to set an internal real-time clock (RTC). The RTC is driven by a precision quartz crystal for continuous accurate time reference.

Industrial chassis. The MultiModem CDMA is
packaged in a rugged, industrial chassis with an SMA
antenna connector. It can be desktop or panel mounted
and features numerous LEDs providing operational
status. It has a DE-15 Data interface and permanent screw-type power connector.

Network and RF approved. The MultiModem CDMA
is CDG 1 and 2 certified. In addition, it has successfully
completed worldwide compliance testing for global RF


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