Ordering Options for Customers Outside of the US

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Ordering Options for Customers Outside of the US

Our reseller relationships allow you to order within your own country or region.  Please contact the following resellers if you would prefer this convenience.  

You always have the option to order directly through Beagle Software; to order on-line, go back to the Order Form.

Canada:SoftChoice; contact 1-800-268-7638, or www.softchoice.com


Europe:Northern Software; contact [email protected]

SoftByNet; contact  www.softbynet.com

AskNet (Germany); contact www.asknet.de


We are continuing to build our reseller relationships.  If you are a Computer Software and/or Value Added Reseller and would like to become an Authorized Beagle Software Reseller, please e-mail the reseller coordinator at Beagle Software, for more information.

Questions? or call  1 877-845-2549 toll free, US/Canada only. 
(Outside the US call +1 612 370 1091)


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