DocuClock Frequently Asked Questions

Who is using DocuClock?

Due to the implementation of OATS laws requiring traders to stamp their trades within three seconds of the Atomic Clock at the NIST, DocuClock has become a trustworthy and essential tool for many securities firms, large and small, across the United States. Whether a firm has one trader or 100, DocuClock is up to the challenge, providing customized date/time stamps with an accuracy of within one second of the Atomic Clock.  

DocuClock is especially attractive to cost-conscious traders because the alternative to having its own date/time validator is using an expensive clearing house or using the BRASS system which costs several thousand dollars per month.

DocuClock stacks up against all competition in accuracy, features and durability (a life of more than one million stamps), and blows most OATS-compliant systems out of the water on price. Some of our competitors' systems start at over $2000!

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How does DocuClock work?

  1. DocuClock software is started. The DocuClock print is turned on. When the program starts, the DocuClock software opens the printer connection through the printer port.
  2. When a slip of paper is introduced to the printer, it triggers the optical paper sensor. 
  3. If the Automatic Sense mode is enabled in the DocuClock software, then the printer gets the exact time from the computer. It prints the time, a message, and text as set up in the DocuClock program - all fields are configurable. No keys or input needed on the computer for DocuClock to print.
  4. After printing the slip, the slip is ejected from the printer and DocuClock is reset and ready for the next slip.

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Will it print through my multi-page forms?

DocuClock has a rugged dot-matrix impact print head. It will print through most multi-page carbon and carbonless form sets.

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How accurate is DocuClock?

The accuracy of DocuClock depends on the computer's clock.  ClockWatch software (optional) should be installed  if you want to synchronization you computer's clock with the atomic clock.  Accuracy with ClockWatch software installed can be +/- 1 second from UTC.

More information on DocuClock accuracy and specifications.

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Can the printer work automatically?

If the Automatic sense mode is enabled, then a slip is printed whenever a paper is introduced to the printer. No key presses or computer input is necessary. To print in the automatic mode  the DocuClock program must be running on the computer.

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How does the ClockWatch time sync software work with DocuClock?

ClockWatch software set your computer’s clock to the atomic clock over the Internet. ClockWatch Pro is included with DocuClock.

More information on using ClockWatch with DocuClock.

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Does DocuClock work with computers not running Windows?

DocuClock Software runs on computers running Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/8.
It will currently not work on other platforms.

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What are the different ways I can use DocuClock?

  • As a time stamper.
  • As an event recorder.
  • As a receipt printer.

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What connections do I need to make to get DocuClock up and running?

  1. Unpack and install the printer, attaching the power supply. 
  2. Attach the cable from the printer to the computer. Note the computer port used.
  3. Install the DocuClock program on the computer.
  4. Turn the printer on.
  5. Start the DocuClock program.
  6. Press the “Time Stamp” button to print manually. Select "Auto" to use the built in electric eyes in the print head.
  7. You can customize message, time stamp, and print options in the options menu.

More on DocuClock Installation

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