Automating Data Acquisition with DocuClock

Along with the printed paper slip DocuClock prints a log file entry every time a time stamp is made. This provides a common point for importing the data into other programs for archiving or record keeping.


DocuClock can be used to record events on a paper record or receipt simultaneously with a file record. Such fire records can be imported into a spreadsheet or database program where the data can be used to make a permanent record for an action or event. Automating the importing of data means that in a single step all records recorded by DocuClock can be placed in a new or existing spread sheet or database.


This is useful for:

  • Data Acquisition – where the exact time of a event is recorded
  • Record keeping/ Archiving -where a physical record and a computer entry is required
  • Receipt Printing – printing a receipt and making an entry are useful



The sequence of events is as follows:


  1. The paper is inserted into the DocuClock printer
  2. The time stamp is made
  3. At the same time a file record is made in the  log file – the record is added at the end of the file
  4. The spread sheet is opened
  5. The load file macro is run
    1. The macro imports the flog file
    2. Imports all the individual records
    3. Places the data (date, time, message) into a separate column

More about timing
To time the event the user simply presses the "Time Stamp" button on the computer screen or enters a paper slip in the printer.  The log file will record the time the event occurred, and include desired annotations. The timestamp can be made with millisecond precision using the msec time format options in DocuClock.


Automatically Updating an Excel Spreadsheet

Data can be inserted into a spreadsheet using the normal data import procedure or by using a macro to automate the process. Beagle Software can provide sample spreadsheets and macros to use as an example.



Inserting Records into Database

Records can also be inserted into a relational database such as Access, FoxPro, SQL Server or Oracle. Since the records are in a fixed length format importing the text file is relatively straightforward. Contact Beagle Software for more information.


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