Beagle Software announces new version of ClockWatch, its popular clock synchronization utility


Minneapolis, November 23, 1997--

Beagle Software today announced its new version of ClockWatch for Windows 95/NT, one of the most advanced clock synchronization utilities available on the Internet. ClockWatch synchronizes the users clock to the National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic clock over the Internet and offers the most options for setting and displaying the results. "ClockWatch has quickly become the standard for PC users who care about the accuracy of their computer clocks" said Skip Singer, President of Beagle Software. ClockWatch periodically checks that the local clock is accurate, adjusting the time if required, and then keeps track of when future settings need to be made. "ClockWatch excels in its ease of use and richness of features. It allows users to set once how accurate their clocks should be. Once installed, it automatically sets and checks the clock, keeping the computer time accurate within one second of National Standard Time", Mr. Singer added.

The inherent inaccuracy of PC clocks makes clock synchronization necessary. More and more users rely on their PCs for time critical tasks like appointment scheduling, record keeping and electronic communications.

The new ClockWatch Pro version released today adds several features to make ClockWatch an even better clock synchronization utility:

Automatic Program startup
Loads automatically at boot-up.

Background operation
Runs from the system taskbar.
Color coded icon shows setting status; tool tips give setting summary.
Set time by double clicking the system tray icon.

Settings history graph
Shows the accuracy of the computer clock since ClockWatch was installed.

Enhanced graph presentation area
Lets users view 1, 2 or 3 graphs in a variety of layouts.

ClockWatch is available for a free 30 day evaluation, downloadable now from the Beagle Software web site:

ClockWatch is distributed exclusively over the Internet at the Beagle software web site and shareware servers like Available for both Windows 95 ($19.95 to register) and Windows NT ($29.95 to register).

Beagle Software, located in Minneapolis MN, designs and distributes Windows based utilities that bring the power of the Internet to the desktop of the user.

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