ClockWatch Sentry Locks Computer Clock

Minneapolis, June 15, 2004--

Beagle Software, developer of time synchronization software, has released ClockWatch Sentry.   ClockWatch Sentry features Clock Locking to prevent unauthorized users from changing a computer’s system time.   This solution was developed to help businesses control fraudulent activity associated with electronic timecards and sensitive records.


ClockWatch Sentry is an affordable ($39.95 per license), easy-to-use software package that operates in the background.  If an unauthorized user changes the computer’s system time, ClockWatch Sentry automatically reverts the computer to the correct time and logs the user’s attempt.    A password is required to disable the feature.   Volume pricing discounts and network configuration are available.   All ClockWatch editions have the option to synchronize the computer’s time to the Atomic Clock maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), considered the world’s most accurate clock.

Beagle Software’s entire ClockWatch line of time synchronization software and hardware offers effective, reasonably priced solutions for businesses.  These solutions are designed to integrate with existing Windows?operating systems, include automated settings and logging, are easy to use, and are backed by real customer support.   According to Beagle Software president Skip Singer, “We found that there are many options for computer time synchronization, but few fit the gap between a simple product with no customer support and a highly engineered product that is too costly and complicated.  We have designed ClockWatch to meet that need.?/font>


All ClockWatch editions are available for free 30-day trial.   Information and software downloads are available at 


Beagle Software, Inc. has sold time synchronization solutions since 1997.  Businesses, organizations and consumers worldwide have benefited from Beagle Software’s quality time synchronization products and personalized customer service.

For more information contact:
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Beagle Software, Inc.
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