Beagle Software Releases New ClockWatch Enterprise Edition

Minneapolis, MN May 23, 2002--

Beagle Software, a leader in time synchronization solutions, announced
the latest edition of is time sync solution for networks, ClockWatch Enterprise.
ClockWatch Enterprise provides a cost-effective, hardware-free solution for
synchronizing time across networks of any size. A central control console
monitors the time on each client on the LAN maintaining it at the exact time.
The central control maintains a master clock set to the Atomic Clock at the
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). For the highly secure
or isolated network the exact time can be obtained from GPS satellites or from
a temperature compensated crystal oscillator installed inside the computer.

"Enterprise is the ideal solution for network administrators who need to maintain
an entire network in sync from a single point," said Beagle Software president
Skip Singer, "with a low installed cost."

ClockWatch Enterprise keeps a network of any size synchronized to the Atomic
Clock. Important features include:
- Maintains clients at the exact time.
- Maintains contact with each computer on the network, ensuring that it is up,
available and in sync. Several time setting options are available.
* Can check the time of any Windows computer on a LAN - no client software
* Offers remote startup, shutdown, logoff, and program execution using X-10
and/or Wake-On-LAN functionality.
* Allows network monitoring with remote heartbeat and pinging, allowing
simple cross-platform checks.

Beagle Software's ClockWatch line of time synchronization software has
earned rave reviews since its debut in 1997. The line has evolved to offer
comprehensive time sync solutions for networks. Beagle Software is dedicated
to supporting its products with qualified, responsive technical service.

Beagle Software is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company's customer
list includes Fortune 100 companies, financial institutions, utility companies,
weather services, government agencies, universities, medical facilities and
scientific laboratories. Most of Beagle Software products can be downloaded
from their web site for a free 30-day trial.


About Beagle Software
Beagle Software, located in Minneapolis, MN, designs and distributes Windows-based utilities that bring the power of the Internet to the desktop of the user. Its premier product, ClockWatch, is computer software that synchronizes the computer clock to the the atomic clock over the Internet. News and information can be found at

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