Beagle Software Announces OEM Program for ClockWatch

Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 18, 1999—Beagle Software today announced the expansion of its OEM application development program to include support for its popular ClockWatch clock synchronization software. ClockWatch synchronizes the computer’s system clock to an external time source. The OEM program features rapid development of signature versions based on the full featured and easy to use ClockWatch application. With ClockWatch, OEM manufacturers get a unique product in less time for less money.

The Beagle Software OEM program is targeting financial, utility, medical, and other markets where time synchronization is an issue. The latest version of ClockWatch, version 1.3.3, provides the complete ClockWatch OEM feature set. In addition, OEM manufactures can now take advantage of the built-in Internet capabilities, enhanced graphics, enterprise functionality and overall performance provided with ClockWatch. ClockWatch’s native networking support makes it possible to synchronize an entire enterprise to a single standard time source.

"Application flexibility and rapid deployment make this offering unique in this niche," said Skip Singer, President of Beagle Software.

Part of the offering announced today includes the capability of OEM manufactures to tailor a deployment package for their internal or customer needs. This capability allows OEM manufactures to easily customize the ClockWatch features and options for a single installation or a rollout across an entire enterprise.

The worldwide OEM program is designed to attract partners looking to deliver low-cost applications; companies looking to replace their homegrown programs with ClockWatch software; and organizations building new applications for internal use. By partnering with Beagle Software and eliminating the need to reinvent complex software components that already exist within ClockWatch software, companies reduce overhead and up-front development costs by tailoring ClockWatch software for a specific vertical market or need.

ClockWatch’s configurable features include:

Connection Interface/Networking

  • Internet connection to public time standards
  • Dial-up access to public time standards
  • LAN access to local time standards
  • Support for proprietary time strings
  • Custom hardware interface to external devices

Client/Server Options

  • Master/Slave options for single server control
  • Feature lock-down options for client workstations
  • User Interface Customization
  • Custom splash screen and custom screen options

Monitoring, Logging and Reporting Capabilities

  • Time stamped activity of all time setting changes
  • Client server logging
  • Trace facility

Installation and Deployment Options

  • Custom install templates

Pricing and Availability
The ClockWatch OEM product offering is available now direct from Beagle Software. Pricing is dependent on the degree of customization and the expected number of units to be deployed. Contact the OEM group at for more information.

Beagle Software designs and distributes Windows-based utilities that bring the power of the Internet to the desktop of the user. Their programs include the widely distributed utility ClockWatch, which sets the computer’s clock to the atomic clock over the Internet.

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