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Beagle Software's DocuClock is a time and date stamp system with a flexible range of print output and time display options. DocuClock receives its time impulses from a Windows based PC running the DocuClock software. When used in conjunction with Beagle Software's ClockWatch product, the time printed by DocuClock is based on atomic time.

Dual optical paper sensors allow the print unit to print whenever a slip is present. With its attractive yet rugged design, the DocuClock is suitable for both office and industrial environments.


· ACCURATE - Computer controlled time output

· OATS COMPLIANT Solution. Ideal for traders that must comply with the OATS regulations to show seconds on their trades as required by NASD-OATS and the SEC regulations. Prints: Year/Month/Date/Hours/Minutes/Seconds

· SELECTABLE PRINT FORMAT -User selectable print formats.

· USER SPECIFIC MESSAGES -Print a standard or custom message.

· ACTIVITY LOGS - Adds a log entry in a log file every time a timestamp is printed.

· ATOMIC CLOCK: With ClockWatch software installed the host computer can be set to receive time signal once, twice, or several times a day. NIST time signal can be received through a modem or the Internet

· SYNCHRONIZED TIME - Computer sends time signal to printing unit every time a time stamp is made.

· ACCURATE: +/- 1 of a second per day. When used with ClockWatch DocuClock will not accumulate time drift because it is synchronized every time a time stamp is made (OATS allows time drift of up to three seconds per day).

· FAIL SAFE MODE Only prints if accurate. Unlike other time