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Time Sync Solutions from Beagle Software: Home of ClockWatch, DocuClock  and ClockCard. Link to sub map -1 Order from Beagle Hardware Manuals Delivery Policy License Agreement Return Policy ClockWatch Enterprise provides central time monitoring and control http://www.beaglesoft.com/Manual/brocEnterprise.pdf ExactSet - radio controlled atomic clocks, desktop and travel sized Weather Station Travel Alarm Radio Technology Troubleshooting Exact Set Radio Controlled Clocks USB to Serial Adaptr. Line Cords http://www.beaglesoft.com/images/db9mf.jpg http://www.beaglesoft.com/images/DB9ff.jpg PCI Express Serial Parallel Ports Card Serial to Ethernet GDI  Ethernet to Serial Adapater http://www.beaglesoft.com/Manual/SerialEthernetUserGuide.pdf NPort 5110 Series  1-port RS-232  SlideShow Features for SlideShow User Tips - SlideShow Operation of SlideShow Presentation Software Playing Sound Web Based Shows Image Albums SlideShow Tours http://www.beaglesoft.com/Data/BeagleSoftOrderForm.pdf http://www.beaglesoft.com/Data/order.txt Graphical Site Map - click on thumbnails to visit pages.