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odic mode with settings every 4 hours for several days to check the accuracy of your system.

Troubleshooting Display Options 

The Display options allow you to set how ClockWatch is displayed and runs. You can turn on or off the display windows, and whether ClockWatch shows time in hours/minutes/seconds or hour/ minutes. 

The world clock shows the time in another locale, designated by the time zone you select. Note that this time zone is not used for setting or checking the clock.

Graphs can be turned on and off in the Graphs log tab.

Troubleshooting Timeserver Options

The timeserver options let you choose the type of connection to a timeserver, which time server you are connecting to, the protocol and port you are using, and whether you need to pass through a proxy server to reach the timeserver.

Steps to check when you can make a connection to a timeserver:

· If your Connection type is Internet/LAN
Check that your connection to the Internet is currently active.
If it is, you may be behind a proxy server or Internet firewall. Firewalls restrict computer-to-computer communication for security purposes. ClockWatch typically uses a different port than web communication (HTTP) to communicate with timeservers. This port must often be explicitly configured in your company's firewall.  For more information see Configuring ClockWatch behind Firewalls.