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Troubleshooting ClockCard

ClockCard replaces the motherboard Clock in your computer. It provides a more accurate replacement for the native computer clock and ClockWatch software provides a way to update Windows periodically from ClockCard.

Time is wrong in Windows

Try synchronizing Windows to ClockCard by pressing the "Test" button on the ClockCard option page.

Time is wrong in ClockCard

ClockCard needs to be set at correct time. Once set it should maintain time more accurately than the motherboard clock.

Troubleshooting Internet Connections

ClockWatch normally uses the Internet to connect to the atomic clock. It will connect to the Internet in the same manner you usually do, by using an existing Internet connection or by establishing one via dial-up connection.

Doesn't Dial my ISP

Verify that the Windows Dial-up Networking account specified in the field in the form is currently active and works when you select it from Windows. 

Dials my ISP but doesn't connect to Atomic Clock

It's possible that although currently connected to your ISP, you're either not logged into your account or Internet access is unavailable.  Establish the connection manually from Windows, verify that connection to the Internet is active, and then press the "Set Time" button within ClockWatch.