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ClockWatch Specifications

System Requirements

Windows 95/98, Windows NT (SP3 and above) or Windows 2000 Professional or Server.

Correct time zone must be set in the Windows Time/Date control panel.

Internet connection (Dial-up or direct connect)

A browser does not need to be active for ClockWatch to function.

Valid Winsock installation. 

This is included as part of the Internet networking installation.

ClockWatch may need to be configured to work behind a proxy server.

Modem with direct dial out capability (for direct-modem connection option).


Sets clocks within +/-1.0 second of UTC (NIST,Time)
Sets clocks within +/- 0.5 second of UTC (NTP or direct modem connection)

Network Connection
Uses a WinSock connection for communication.


NIST, Daytime connection is made to public timeservers over the Internet with TCP port address 13. This is commonly called the 'Daytime' port.

NTP Connection is made on UDP port 123.

Time Connection is made on TCP or UDP port 37.

The local TCP port used for the connection to a proxy server is user-selectable.

ClockWatch Server and ClockWatch Client normally use port 1001 to communicate (user-selectable).

Modem Connection
Hayes-compatible dial-up modem with dial-out long distance capability required for direct-modem connection option.